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Enjoy a unique experience in the desert !

 The haimas are an important part of the nomad's life .

A shade under the strong sun, a refuge for the cold nights ....

""Blankets, rugs and cushions make them a pleasant space that offers us the well known desert hospitality

The camps always include a haima prepared as a restaurant / lounge, where to share dinner and the evening.     

If the weather is good, the heat of a fire will invite us to enjoy the magnificent starry skies outside, perhaps accompanied by drums and savoring a tea made on the embers.

The nearby dunes are an ideal viewpoint, it is only necessary, at most, to take a blanket to be comfortably installed in front of the beauty of the desert at night.

Getting up at dawn is almost mandatory to taste the sunrise and discover other sensations, which join the almost already nostalgia for the return.

These hours spent in the desert will surely leave a good mark on your memory.

Campamento de noche
Detalle campamento standard Nomad Palace

Bird's view

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