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camellos - Nomad Palace
Cameltrek puesta del sol - Nomad Palace
Caravana - Nomad Palace

In the hotel we have a stable for camels. During the day you can see them walking around, eating, resting or waiting for the evening to begin to go out to the dunes.


Dromedaries, essential animals in life in the desert, offer us an unparalleled experience, they take us into the dunes, with a gentle sway, without rushing ... a few minutes later, the silence and the dunes will envelop us and bring us different emotions that will be marked in our memory forever ...


You can go to see the sunset or the sunrise, in tours of approximately one hour, or in an hour and a half you can go to spend a night in the haimas, or if you are more adventurous you can do a route of several days through the desert ..... it all depends on how nomad you want to feel!

                    For 1 hour excursions to sunrise or sunset: 


                            Tours from 1 or more days: 


Dromedario- Nomad Palace
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Dromedarios - Nomad Palace
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